Vincent Collura - Aug. 21, 1913 - Jan. 29, 1993

My Father Was a Man

My father was a man

He was a man for many reasons
He always took care of his obligations
He didn't always take care of himself

My father was a stubborn man
He was stubborn when he was right
And he was stubborn when he was wrong

He did not know the meaning of moderation
Each extreme was always the only way to be
Or the only way to do something

My father tried to hide the fact
That he was sensitive and sentimental
But I know that he was now

My father and I did not always get along
But we did most of the time

My father loved me
And I loved my father

He was a man who lived his life
As I am living my life now

My father was a man
I am a man also

In this way we are more connected
Than I ever thought possible

My father is dead now
But he lives on in my heart

Goodbye dad
I love you.

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