Randall's Photography

There is something seductive about pressing the shutter and capturing a moment out of life or a fleeting glimpse of the grandeur of nature that doesn't diminish with the passage of time.

During my life I have created many images of what I have seen. Different people can look in the same direction and see very different things. By presenting my images to others I'm saying "See this object or landscape the way I saw it."

I hope what I have seen and created is interesting to others. Indeed, it is gratifying when others enjoy my images. However, I enjoy the creative process as much as anything else because it helps me to process and remember. I can't imagine going through life and not creating images.

Please visit my Zenfolio site which has most of my current images and has a very nice interface and slideshow feature. You can order standard prints directly from this site and my photo blog has moved there as well.

I have recently come to appreciate how wonderful my images look when printed on canvas. This page has information on ordering canvas prints of my images.