Here are some of my academic interests and information

I graduated from Harvard University in June 2006 with a Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology, which is now part of Harvard's new Life Sciences program featuring an undergraduate concentration in Human Evolutionary Biology (HEB). At Harvard I studied under Dr. Maryellen Ruvolo; my dissertation title was "Molecular Evolution of Genes Related to Primate Encephalization and Energetics." It's available in PDF format if you are interested (9mb file size). Here's the link.

In addition to my dissertation, I have numerous publications. Here's the link.

My research interests include the evolution of primate mitochondrial DNA, primate genetics/genomics, evolution of the human diet and forensics. I have used mtDNA for primate phylogenetic analysis, investigated it's potential role in brain evolution for my dissertation, it's connection to Parkinson's disease as a postdoctoral fellow and it's application to forensics. I have investigated structural verses expression differences in human/chimp brain-expressed genes as well as specific genes related to human brain expansion.

My current curriculum vita is available in PDF format. Here's the link.

What Is Our Natural Diet And Should We Really Care? Chapter in Food for Thought: The Debate over Eating Meat, Prometheus Books 2004, Edited by Steve F. Sapontzis. Here's the link to the book. If you just want to read my chapter, I have it in PDF format here.